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- Linda M. 

 assisted living apt- lakewood WA

I would highly recommend Ship Shape Home Organizing. For those of us who move and need to downsize from a large space to a smaller space, Miss Paullette lazzari is extraordinar Her attention to detail, her work ethic, her eye for how to make things look pleasing and how she uses the space well make her service an invaluable experience. Her prices are reasonable and she is the consummate professional. She works to tailor things to your schedule with flexibillity. As a Sr. Assistant Attorney General for 23 years I have worked with many talented people, because of illness I have had to make a series of changes and Paullette has helped me.


- Gina H. 

  Home Owner - Tacoma WA

"I was immediately impressed with Paulette’s free consultation by her enthusiasm and her portfolio of work. I had hesitated to hire an organizer believing that I could do this myself, but whenever I tried I became overwhelmed. In Paulette’s very first visit, she accomplished more in 2 hours than I had in my several days of my attempts. It was unbelievable. Her suggestions, ideas and uncanny ability to look at chaos and find a way to streamline it into order are fantastic. She followed through on everything, was always on time, very flexible in accommodating my schedule, generous with her time and never wasted my time. Ship Shape Home Organizing gave me back my office, my peace of mind, my sense of efficiency and control. She relieved me of the anxiety, embarrassment, stress and frustration that accompanied my disorganization and chaos. It was certainly money well spent in re-gaining things that are truly priceless. Words cannot adequately express how much joy and comfort this completed project has created. I will whole heartedly recommend Ship Shape Home Organizing to my friends and anyone who needs such help. It is abundantly clear that for Paulette, Ship Shape Home Organizing is not just a job…it’s a passion. She truly puts her heart into the job and for me that sets her far ahead of any competitor.


- Heather C. 

  Condo Owner - Bellevue WA




"I think Paulette might be my fairy godmother. I cannot even comprehend what she did because my studio was such chaos. I didn't even realize I had places to put things. She's one of those people that's SO good at re-arranging, she doesn't even realize she's doing it half the time. I can now work in a CLEAN/comfortable,/tidy room, AND THERE'S A FLOOR! OMG. She's super nice, but she will give you a reality check if you need it, and has on a couple of occasions, haha. I've had her come back to work on the rest of my house too. LOVE HER!!!"




Many Additional Testimonials on Request


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